dosebase – correct dose for the patient

Wrong dosing after human error affects the safety of drugs in every day clinical work. dosebase offers guidance for correct dosing and safeguards drug treatment so that the maximum daily doses are not exceeded.

 dosebase contains information on:

- range of maintenance dose (daily if not stated otherwise)
- maximum daily dose

This dosing information is specified by:

- drug name with medbase substance id, common with our other databases
- ATC-code and ICD-10 code (dosing for one drug can be different if it is used for several different indications)
- route of administration
- dosage form

dosebase covers also dosing information continuous dosing forms (e.g. infusions) by indicating the min / max dose range per time unit.

The structure of the database is highly modular, offering a wide selection of user interface development. dosebase is suitable for both portal/mobile delivery and integration to various kinds of HIS to give automated warnings on erroneous dosing. dosebase is updated four times a year.